We are H4 Collective Investments

Your professional partner in effective collective investment scheme management. Based on a
culture of excellence and commitment. Backed by the highest ethical standards.

  • 2013 Founded
  • R 36.7bn AUM
  • 37¬†Portfolios

Who we are

The role of collective
investment schemes

Brings together a number of investors and pools their resources for investing in selected assets. Investors then share the returns and the risks in proportion to their investment contribution.

Our Services

Investment platform

High-quality investment platform services to investment managers.

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Need peace of mind? Portfolio assets are housed in a trust structure.

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We take care of all the compliance and regulatory aspects of the portfolio, so that you can focus on managing the fund.

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What sets us apart ?

  • A reputation within the industry for excellence.
  • An efficiently managed platform.
  • The ability to work effectively with multiple service providers.
  • Openness to accommodating existing relationships outside established partnerships.
  • A highly skilled team that is experienced in the administration of collective investment scheme funds.
  • The benefits of a non-intrusively branded platform.
  • Extensive experience in co-branding arrangements.

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